Friday, June 21, 2019

McFarlane Fortnite 7 Inch Green Glow Skull Trooper - Walgreens Exclusive

First of all, yes, I am still alive.  I got overcome by events - work and travel and haven't had time to post. So I'm back and should be back to schedule.

I plan on doing some dioramas this weekend as well.

So to get's a short post but here you go.

I wasn't expecting this when I walked into Walgreens one day. They had a cardboard stand full of these 7 inch Fortnite Green Glow Skull Troopers. Pretty darn cool. Will have to open and test its glow in the dark capabilities.

Here is the post with the original 7 inch Skull Trooper and his other 7 inch buddies.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Mattel Jurassic World Wheatley

Managed to come across this guy, even though everything else Jurassic World related is on clearance.  Good to add more human hunters to the mix. Don't think I've noticed the Star-Lord type armor Chris Pratt in the stores though, that is pictured on the back of the packaging.

Monday, May 27, 2019

2004 GI Joe Collection for Memorial Day

Wishing everyone a blessed Memorial Day weekend. In honor of the holiday, wanted to share a series of old photos from my collection.

I happened to find an old CD Rom while going through boxes a few weeks back. This was labeled "2004 Joes." Many of these I no longer have. Sold them to make more room for others. Still, it was fun having them.  Also some military prints that I collected over the years after leaving the Army.

I always loved the artwork on these boxes - Hasbro GI Joe, 21st Century Toys' Ultimate Soldier, and Dragon. I appreciate them more and more every day.

Jacket is a prop from Saving Private Ryan.

Another prop jacket from Saving Private Ryan.