Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My Holy Grail - The Dragon Cyber-Hobby Saving Private Ryan Set

This is what drives me nuts with collecting toys. I don't collect for investments sake. If the value goes up, great. If not, whatevs. However, it really torques me when I decide not to collect something I really like, then it disappears, and it is impossible to find, and then you pay high prices for it.

This happened with the Dragon 1/6th scale "Saving Private Ryan" figures. Of course, due to copywrite laws, they weren't called Saving Private Ryan figures, and the names were changed slightly. Most of the head sculpts are right on the money though. Most of them.

Anyway, I eyed these for years and always hesitated. I'll get them someday. They sat on online store inventories forever. Then one day they were gone. No worries. I'll head over to Ebay. Non-existent!!!! All of them except Mickey.

So it was only a few months ago that someone had the entire set of six for sale together on Ebay. We negotiated the Buy It Now price. I think I got them at a fair price. Glad to finally have this set. Same thing happened with the Sideshow "Platoon" figures.

Cappy - Private Caparzo - Vin Diesel

Captain Mill - Captain John Miller - Tom Hanks

Jim - Private James Ryan - Matt Damon

This is one headsculpt that doesn't look right. Maybe Matt has the most lawyers.

Danny - Private Daniel Jackson - Barry Pepper

Mickey - SSG Mike Horvath - Tom Sizemore

Richie - Private Reiban - Edward Burns

Monday, August 22, 2016

Kenner Star Wars Carrying Case Inserts

For years and years, my Kenner Star Wars figures were thrown into a plain old cardboard box. I finally dug them out last year and put them in their proper carrying cases. Along with the Kenner carrying cases, I wanted to complete the collection of inserts that came with the cases.

In this post, I finally got my hands on the rare Kenner insert that shows the prototype Boba Fett figures that was used in the marketing of the figure.

I did not know about this other insert for the Darth Vader head carrying case. Looks to be an early version since it only has the first set of Empire Strikes Back figures in it.

Here is the updated version. This is my original insert.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

NECA Aliens Newt SDCC 2016 Exclusive

So many great exclusives this year. I usually try and not destroy my wallet but this Newt was one I couldn't pass up. Aliens, still one of my favorites of all time - I am glad NECA finally released a Newt to go along with all the Ripley figures.

Aliens is actress Carrie Henn's only movie. If you only did one movie in your life, this is a darn good one. And she was awesome - especially going head to head with Bill Paxton's Hudson with the one liners.

This exclusive includes a Marine helmet, her 2nd Grade Citizenship Award, Casey's head (the doll), and a flashlight. I expect NECA to release this as a regular figure in the near future. I am anxious to get the upcoming Frost and Vasquez into the collection as well.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Bif Bang Pow Big Bang Theory SDCC 2016 Star Trek Exclusives

Well, they are finally here. Even though they were sold as a SDCC 2016 exclusive, Entertainment Earth is selling the leftover stock on their website. Same sculpt and not the greatest paint apps, but the BBT gang in their Star Trek costumes is a thing of beauty. Will be fun to combine them with the ReAction Classic Star Trek figures.