Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Normandy Beach

A different image and view from the first puzzle that started this whole hobby and idea. Army Rangers and infantry from the 29th Infantry Division are caught up in barb wire and other obstacles while attempting to breach the beaches and their defenderes during the invasion of Normandy. The figures include two GI Joe convention exclusive Pointe du Hoc Rangers. The Ranger Captain in the center is an Elite Brigade figure from Cotswold Collectibles. The Ranger Medic is also an Elite Brigade figure from Cotswolds. Both of these Ranger figures from Cotswolds are still highly prized in my collection as the hobby just started it's amazing run in the late 90s, and Saving Private Ryan also just hit the theatres. The 29th Infantry soldier on the right is from 21st Century Toys. The barb wire comes from an awesome D-Day Deluxe set from Hasbro.

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