Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cobra Para-Vipers

This diorama and puzzle build is one I looked forward to for a long time. The Cobra Paravipers released 2007-2008 were pretty slick. A lot of detail and accessories for a small 3 -3/4 inch figure. Helmets with breathing tubes and visors, gear strapped all the way around, knives tied around the boot and two weapons, including a rifle with removable clip.

Just needed something for them to jump out of. Enter the Processed Plastic AC130 cargo plane. This is the rare black edition I blogged about earlier. The olive green version was fairly common in the 1970s. I had never seen the black one with the side cannons until this year when I finally figured out who manufactured the green one I had seen as a kid in the local grocery store. Check out my earlier February 2011 post about the Processed Plastic planes.

The plane had the original bright red stickers still on them. Since I didn't want to ruin this vintage piece, I "painted" over the stickers with Microsoft paint. The fact that the plane was in the background in a dark environment allows the "paint job" to be near invisible.

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