Thursday, December 8, 2011

GI Joe Combat Heroes Collection

An army of Cobra troopers and all the Combat Heroes from Real American Hero and Rise of Cobra, including the rare Series 3 from each line. The Series 3 RAH was only released in Canada.

Bummed this line stagnated. Had potential for so many more. Target had some exclusive Battle Packs lined up that included Stalker, Wild Bill, and Tomax and Xomat. Have seen a lot of customs on the forums.

Just off the top of my head would loved to have seen Doc, Snow Job, Airborne, Air Tight, Tunnel Rat, Tripwire, Iceberg, Alpine, the original 8 in their green fatigues, red ninjas, Cover Girl, Mutt and Junkyard, Recondo, Spirit, and Croc Master.

Vehicle sets would have been great as well as the Star Wars Galactic Heroes cinema scenes had plenty.

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