Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Marvel Universe

So I keep wanting to start collecting the Marvel Universe series, the relatively new 3 3/4" series by Hasbro. But then I keep comparing them to Marvel Legends and I just can't do it. The card artwork for Marvel Universe is pretty cool unto itself. But Marvel Universe figures cost $8-10 which is what I used to pay for a Marvel Legends figures. Of course, today's rare Marvel Legends lines are being sold for $15-17 a pop as well. Can't do that either.

One other issue - same as Marvel Legends, they keep releasing different variations of Captain America, Iron Man, Spider Man and Wolverine. I understand why from a business perspective, but then they mix it with such little known characters. So many great characters that haven't been done yet and we have to pick between "another" Iron Man and some little known character.

Oh well.

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