Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Soldier's Story's 2nd Infantry Division Korean War Infantry

It's been awhile since I bought a 1/6 scale "GI Joe." Over the years, they just got too darn expensive. The average figures starts at $70 and typically goes over $100. Gone are the days where you could grab a Hasbro or 21st Century Soldier at Target, Toys R Us, or Walmart. Of course, with the price tag comes some phenomenal details and accessories.

Anyway, I grabbed this one for a great deal. I wanted this one because I served in Korea (1997-1999) in the 2nd Infantry Division. I learned a lot about the Korean War there, and studied a lot of the history since I've been back. It truly captures everything about the winter battles there. Looking forward to unboxing this bad boy and taking some diorama photos.

If you want to read about the definitive history of the Korean War, including why the Army was so unprepared for it in June of 1950, read This Kind of War by T.R. Fehrenbach.

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