Monday, November 16, 2015

McFarlane NFL Series 35 and 36

Once again, it's been awhile since my NFL McFarlane collection received any attention. Series 36 just came out, and amazingly, I actually bypassed Series 35. So I had to backtrack via Clarktoys and get 35 along with the Sammy Watkins exclusive. After 36 series, Sammy is only the third Buffalo Bill player ever made - besides Drew Bledsoe and Willis McGahee.

The Seattle Seahawks used to be in the same boat - having only Shaun Alexander and Matthew Hasselback representing the team. How times have changed. With two straight Super Bowl appearances, Seattle seems to be making up for their lack of figures. Since last year, there have been two versions of QB Russell Wilson, a Marshawn Lynch exclusive, a Richard Sherman, and soon to be arriving Jimmy Graham from Series 37.

Anyway - a great lineup.

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