Wednesday, July 6, 2016

STOP THE PRESSES - Funko Game of Thrones 3-3/4 Inch Figures ROCK!!!

I know I just posted something a few minutes ago, but I had a chance to get this next post in. It's important. For those of you who love Game of Thrones, and those of you who liked the 6 inch Legacy figures, you are in for a treat. I preordered this set of 9 several months ago. They arrived this morning. I was so excited I opened the box and looked at them while driving to work - OK - I was stopped at red lights - there are plenty here in DC.

Anyway - got home tonight, unpacked the rest, photographed them and took out my three favorites.

This is a stellar lineup. It has a hero, a sidekick, a bad ass maiden, some side characters, some bad guys and a white wolf. It really does remind me of the first 12 Kenner Star Wars figures. A little bit of everything, with great sculpting, excellent paint jobs, and articulation in the knees and elbows as well. I wasn't expecting that.

Anyway, here they are. Hopefully, this is the first of many series cause there are a buttload of characters in that show, and the 3-3/4 inch scale makes it easier to produce.

Even though there isn't a character description, I do like the photo still of each character on the back of the card.

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