Sunday, May 14, 2017

Star Tots - A New Hope - Celebration 2012

So back when Kenner Star Wars toys had taken the world by storm, some designers had come up with a younger children's line of Star Wars toys called Star Tots.

These are the prototypes:

They never made it to the market. I am sure they would have been a hit.

Flash forward a few years (decades) later, and the people putting together the Collector's Track panels at Star Wars Celebration came up with the idea of giving away coin/medallions to attendees, such as these:

These were a big hit so when it came time to come up with a new giveaway for attendees, they combined the relatively lower cost of "2D" die cast vs 3D action figure with the Star Tots idea. At each panel, a different Star Tot was given away. This is the first set from A New Hope at Celebration VI in 2012 in Orlando.

I particularly like the card art by Jason Peltz. You can see his professional portfolio at:

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