Saturday, October 21, 2017

Star Wars - The Force Awakens - 6 inch Shampoo Bottle Figures

So the 12 inch Star Wars Hasbro figures affectionately earned the nickname "shampoo bottles" because of their likeness to a tall, round shampoo bottle. The sculpting was kind of plain.

Sculpting has come a long way since the early days, but collectors still refer to them as the Shampoo Bottle line. I had heard rumors awhile ago that there were 6 inch versions of these figures. I finally came across a few at Walgreens. All of these were from The Force Awakens - including Rey, First Order Trooper, Captain Phasma, and C3PO - although C3PO doesn't have his red arm. And for what it's worth - none of the packaging actually says Force Awakens.


  1. I saw these at Walgreens also ,and they did strike me as pretty plain

  2. The 1977 12 inch Star Wars figures had more charm than these. I don't understand how Hasbro can justify returning to five points of articulation yet continue to raise the price of their figures.