Saturday, January 23, 2010

GI Joe Combat Heroes Vintage 1

So this diorama consisted of several Hasbro GI Joe Combat Hero sets, including Series 1, 2, and set 3 which was only available in Canada. Once again, another set that was cancelled due to the economy in 2009. Hope this line continues both with the vintage sets and Rise of Cobra. Anyway, a large platoon of Cobra Troopers takes on the Joes in Schleich's Shadow Rock playset for their Elfen line.

The "canceled" Series 3 which was only distributed in Canada included Lady Jaye, Major Bludd, Shipwreck, Iron Grenadier, Hooded Cobra Commander and HISS Tank Driver expanded the line to a collection that kept begging for more....Covergirl and Tripwire please.

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