Friday, January 22, 2010

Aliens vs. Colonial Marines - Epic Battle

Remember little green plastic army men? There is actually a little green plastic Marine men from the movie Aliens and their enemy combatants - the Aliens themselves. Produced around 2004, Treehouse toys came out with plastic Marines and Aliens along with eggs, supply boxes and a three story playset made to look like the power plant in the movie aliens. There are several standard poses for the Marines and the Aliens. The figures were sold in "Swarm Packs." You didn't know which figures would be in the swarm pack. There was also a rare clear plastic alien. Anyway, I took several swarm packs and built this epic battle. Added one queen alien from McFarlane's AVP 4 inch series. I intend to redo this one since I've purchased a few more swarm packs since.

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