Sunday, March 17, 2013

Armies in Plastic

One of the toughest things about toy soldiers (the green plastic army men kind) today is the lack of modern conflicts. There are plenty (and great sets mind you) from Revolution, Civil War, WWII, Zule, Ancient Rome, etc....but nothing after WWII.

I stumbled across some modern Marine figures from a great company called Armies in Plastic ( ...they are modern Marines which could fit into Desert Storm or any modern era (Zombie Apocolypse?).  I will take some pictures out of the box as well but they have several great molds.

Check their website out...they have plenty of historical sets...many you wouldn't even think of (Middle East India, Japan-Russo War, Cubans, Chinese Boxer Rebellion, and plenty covering the rest of American Military History.

My wish is for some Korean War and Vietnam War figures. Maybe one of these days. Check out and like any company, they'll make more if they have buyers. Please patronize them.

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