Sunday, March 17, 2013

Barzso "Fess Parker" Daniel Boone Playset

Barzso - check them out.

If you grew up during the 50s-early 80s, it was likely you had a Marx playset at some point. With the industry's ability to create more articulation, sculpting and painting, we thought "green plastic army men" were done. Not so. There are several companies that still make plastic "military" playsets. Among them are Barzso, Conte Collectibles, Toy Solders of San Diego, Armies in Plastics and Classic Toy Soldiers. There are probably others but this is a good start.

Anyway, Ron Barzso missed the plastic military playsets and started his own company. All the sets are made in the USA.  The Last of the Mohicans playset I looked at a month or so ago sold out long ago. Barzso continues to make great sets every year. The Daniel Boone playset was fantastic. I didn't realize how "big" the playset buildings were be. It is worth every penny.

Fess Parker was the actor who played Daniel Boone on the TV Series for many years. If you want more detail, check out Playset Magazines ( past publications and videos where they interview Fess and his experiences on the set.

The figures come wrapped in the labeled brown paper bags.

The playset comes with five buildings, character figures, and plenty of additional figures.

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