Saturday, November 2, 2013

Finally - Enemy Combatants

One of my pet peeves is that many toy lines (especially modern toy soldiers) don't have enemy combatants. Too politically incorrect!

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Well, finally, someone has taken a chance to bringing some bad guys to the 54mm plastic toy soldier world: Armies in Plastic!

I first found Armies in Plastic when I was searching for modern style army guys to do a World War Z diorama. Armies in Plastic has a wide variety of conflicts represented, and like many toy soldier companies, the vast majority are WWII or before. Their modern sets were pretty darn good and they come in three different colors.

Anyway, a few months back they said Taliban were coming. They just started shipping and they are fantastic. They come in six poses and three different colors - Blue, Rust, and Black.

I also purchased some turn of the 19th century Afghan warriors. They actually fit right in carrying rifles.

Will be doing a diorama soon with these and the tan modern US Forces.

Oh yeah - they are $15 a box for 20 figures and there are always great deals on the website like Buy 3, get 1 Free, or Buy 5, Get 3 Free. Worth the money!

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