Thursday, December 12, 2013


With the annual Army-Navy football game coming up this weekend, I'll be rooting for my alma mater, West Point, even though we lost 11...or 12 in a row to Navy. Unacceptable.

Anyway, in honor of the game, I will post a photo of one of the first things I ever bought on Ebay back in 1999 - a Kenner Starting Lineup figure of Army's Glenn Davis, 1946 Heismann Trophy winner. Ah, the glory days, when the service academies won Heismann's and National Championships.

For more info on Glenn Davis, check out his info on wikipedia:

Apparently the figured is autographed as well. I have no idea if it is real or not, no COA - but I don't care. Pretty cool to have if you ask me.

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