Saturday, May 10, 2014

NECA Pacific Rim Kaiju Series 3 - THESE ARE BIG

NECA's Pacific Rim figures sold out almost instantly when Series 1 was released which included the Kaiju (Monster) Knifehead. By Series 3, NECA decided to scale up the Kaiju monsters. I was caught by surprise twice.

First, when they re-released Knifehead, I didn't realize it would be so BIG.

Second, for some crazy reason, I didn't realize NECA was releasing both Kaiju's at that scale. Know idea why I was clueless. Anyway, I saw and bought the Knifehead first last week - that's all they had. Then, this weekend they (Toys R Us) restocked and had Trespasser. He was BIG as well.

Looking forward to taking these out of the package and setting them up against their tiny human driving robot adversaries.

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