Friday, January 9, 2015

MegaBloks Call of Duty Nuketown

Even though everything is announced on the internet months before it arrives at stores, I just haven't made the habit yet of routinely looking at the website. Maybe I should. Although, maybe I shouldn't because then you get wicked cool surprises like this when you walk into a Walmart while traveling on business. Honestly, I would never walk into a Walmart near my house during normal business hours. This one I hit as I pull into town in the early morning when the dregs of humanity haven't shown up yet. I am not talking about everyone, but damn, it is a genetic bouillabaisse in that place every time I walk in.

I digress - the latest MegaBloks set I found was this Nuketown set which shows a 1950s "test town" where the military and government used to see what a nuke would do to your average suburban town. Included in the set are a 50s suburban house, some type of clock tower (counting down the nuke's arrival?), two CoD soldiers, and two mannequins - which used to be placed in the nuke towns.

So cool - can't wait to build this one.


  1. Now if you could just get a MegaBloks Indiana Jones and fridge :)

  2. Hmmmm....good call. I do have some of the Indiana Jones Lego sets. Seems like a great mashup.