Monday, August 31, 2015

Hot Wheels Star Wars Vehicles: Y-Wing and X-Wing

Hot Wheels has produced some nifty Star Wars themed cars. Now they are working on diecast and plastic vehicles from the Star Wars universe. These ships run about $5 and are roughly 3-4 inches in size.  Out of curiousity, I purchased the Y-Wing (always my favorite), the X-Wing and the TIE Fighter. The TIE fighter body is metal but the wings are plastic. I haven't opened the Y or X-Wings yet so I am curious to know what the make up is. These are pretty cool but I won't be a long term collector (famous last words).

 Rear of Y-Wing Packaging
 Y-Wing and X-Wing
 X-Wing - Rear packaging

I may have to finish with the Millenium Falcon and Snowspeeder. And then, that's it...I promise.

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