Thursday, August 6, 2015

McFarlane Walking Dead Series 7.5

Not sure why this was done the way it was, but who cares, we get more Walking Dead figures from McFarlane. Series 7 included Carl Grimes 2, Michonne, Gareth and Mud Walker. Series 7.5 was a series of repaints with some great extra features.

I don't mind repaints if they are done creatively, expand the story and figure line, and add a few new accessories.

Series 7.5 is pretty cool. You get a Woodbury Assault Rick Grimes repaint from Season 3 in his flannel shirt, and you get a great Cell Bloc Flu Walker. It is based on the Glenn figure with a different head. It was very nicely done. We need more walkers especially as future series seem to be character heavy.

The other three figures are exclusives - First, Hershel Greene with flu mask, severed head, and katana sword, exclusive to Target. Second, a flu mask grave digger Daryl, exclusive to Walgreens. Finally, there is a new Sheriff Rick consisting of Series 1 body and Series 2 head with Sheriff hat.  These figures definitely add to the collection.

The only complaint is distribution of the exclusive figures. I have not yet seen Daryl and Rick, and traveled all the way to Minnesota (HQ of Target) to find Hershel. Just kidding. I was in Minnesota for a wedding, just happened to stop at a Target and find Hershel. I have yet to see him out in the wild around where I live. Others have had better luck.

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