Sunday, September 6, 2015

McFarlane Walking Dead - Comic Series 4

Nice to see after the debacle that was Comic Series 2, McFarlane has been on a tear with Comic Series 3 and 4, bringing some iconic figures to life....or unlife, whatever it is you would use to reference a zombie toy.

Anyway, Comic Series 4 is a fantastic (though small) collection of four figures. Why can't we go back to 5-6 figures.

Included in this series are the Pin Cushion Zombie - though quite honestly - I don't recall seeing him in the comics. Hard to see with the thousands that exist but oh well. Also included are Carl Grimes, Abraham Ford, and Jesus. Carl comes with two alternate heads, including the one with the bandage covering his missing eye. He also carries the assault rifle with which he attacks Negan's lair.

Abraham comes as first seen in the comics with his tank top t-shirt, army pants, machine gun and pitchfork. Finally, Jesus (Paul Monroe) is in his post-All Out War-samarui style outfit. All he needs is a horse.

This is a great collection and I anxiously await to hear what is in store for Series 5.

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