Sunday, November 20, 2016

ReAction Dark Crystal - it gets Better and Better!

It's been awhile since I posted anything. Been absolutely slammed at work - yadda yadda yadda - you know, the usual lame excuse.  My apologies to Brian and the Pop Culture League for falling off the grid the last few weeks.

Anyway, wanted to bring everyone up to speed on ReAction's Dark Crystal line. It. Is. Awesome!

I showed you all the Toys R Us Strider and Jen set a few weeks back.

The rest of the line finally showed up. The figures are awesomely and exquisitely sculpted. Aughra and the Chamberlain have some mass and great proportions. The is so big and well sculpted that it comes in a window display box. There were Dark Crystal figures prototyped back in the day when the movie first came out but they never made it to market. Glad to see that 30+ years later, they are finally here.

Each figure comes with a piece of the Crystal. Very cool Build-A-Something concept.

Of course, the last remaining item is the Winged Kira - Garthim set which was an exclusive at New York Comic Con. Unfortunately, they are running about $180-200 each because they were limited to 500 sets. Word from ReAction is there will be a Garthim released at Toys R Us but without the winged Kira and closed mouth Fizgig.

I think the only figures not recreated from the early 80s prototypes were the normal and possessed pod people.

Here is a marketing shot of the prototypes.

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  1. Man, I've been off the grid myself lately. the holiday season is busy!

    I have yet to find any of these Dark Crystal figures in the wild, but your posts about them are making me feel like i need to place an order before they're gone. These look great!