Saturday, June 17, 2017

DC Wonder Woman Exclusives

I already showed you the awesome set of Wonder Woman figures from the blockbuster movie. Here are two new exclusives to round out the collection.

First, from Toys R Us (though I've also seen it advertised on Amazon) is Menalippe. Very cool Amazon warrior figure and what makes her even cooler, is you can build an Amazon army with her. She is a cool looking soldier, without a lot of distinguishing features, so you can buy several and create an army. Would probably fit in well with the Mythic Legions figures. Will have to try that out.

Menalippe also comes with fiery sword for the Ares Build a Figure.

The other exclusive (from Toys R Us) again is the Wonder Woman without the large black cloak. She also comes with a shield for the Ares Build A Figure.

Compared to cloaked version.

Now I just need to go see the movie.


  1. I haven't seen the film either but I'm hoping to pick up a nice 3 3/4 Wonder Woman figure sometime down the road.Not sure If they've even released any.

    1. Haven't heard of any coming. Both scales have awesome potential.