Sunday, September 3, 2017

Force Friday and First World Problems

So I've never done the whole Star Wars Midnight Madness thing. Too old. Too tired. Based on the last few movies and toy releases, distribution is spotty and many stores aren't even part of the Disney Midnight Madness Force Friday hype.

Be that as it may, for both Force Awakens and Rogue One, I simply went to Target and Walmart first thing in the morning. I did the same for The Last Jedi. This is how my day went.

Pulled up at Target today at 7:55. Several guys waiting at front door.  I thought this would be my competition - a mad dash to the Star Wars aisle. But no, I was the only one there. The other guys went to buy other stuff.

Picked up BS6 Hera, Thrawn, Executioner Stormtrooper. Saw the rest...passed. Had a few more Heras and Thrawns. Left them for other collectors.

Picked up Rose and Paige and Rey/Praetorian Guard two pack. Passed on the rest....they all look the same as Force Awakens. Later, I learned Chewbacca has a Porg packed in with him. May have to grab that.

Picked up Raththar and Ski Speeder. There was one of each only. Would have loved another Rathtar to give as a gift.

Saw the BB8 playset - passed. Neat, but too expensive.

Went to Walmart. No one in the aisle. No 3-3/4 figures or playsets at all. Lots of Lego, lightsabers and 6 inch Black Series.

I did pick up the 6 inch Landspeeder and Rey's speeder. Cool sets.

And oh yeah, picked up the last electronic Porg at Target. Too funny! Some lady was walking out with three of them.

Then I went to work. I worked late. Was supposed to work all Labor Day holiday weekend, but our system launch was delayed so I was able to work remotely. Because I was supposed to work, we didn't plan anything for the weekend. Since the plans changed, my wife booked us a weekend on the beach last minute.

I worked late Friday and then got home and we hit the road immediately. I didn't even get to unpack the car of my haul. It sits there as I type this.  I apologize for the humble brag of being on the beach last second, but these are first world problems. Wars...haul.


  1. The one Walmart I hit around 4pm Friday hadn't even stocked the figure section, luckily I have Target and TRU in the area.

    1. Not sure why Disney/Lucasfilm hypes this so much. It is a dying event.