Thursday, January 11, 2018

Schleich Dinosaurs

Love these things. My nieces and nephews love 'em too when they come to visit. They get a lot of play value when kids are in the house. My daughter and her neighborhood friends played with them a ton when they were little. These are some of the new releases from Schleich. Hard plastic and incredibly detailed sculpting and painting. Love em!

How does their scale match up? Here they are next to a standard Star Wars figure.


  1. Yeah I love them but sadly can't afford them, have been able to get a hold of a few mini Schleich at Goodwill though (Cat, Dog, and Squirrel) and absolutely love those as they to are so detailed!

  2. Schleich makes some amazing stuff the price can really put a hurt on the old wallet

  3. The price is ridiculous. Toys R Us has a some really good sales every once in awhile.