Saturday, April 14, 2018

Solo Haul

The more trailers I see, the more excited I am about this movie.

I had found the vintage collection set at Target a week ago, but two cashiers and two managers couldn't figure out how to override the 20th release date.

I thought the release date was the 20th, heard it was moved to the 13th, had a Gamestop employee tell me last week it was the 13th, so I was all ready to go yesterday morning.

Until my boss scheduled an early meeting with me - 8am - Target opening time.

So I leave early for work Friday morning and stop at two Walmarts...nothing.

At lunch, I go across the street at Gamestop and find all the Black Series figures - Lando, Range Trooper, Tarkin, Han and the Dewback. Also the vintage cards, but only purchased the Hoth Rebel Trooper.

I went back to the office, checked Rebelscum and many people were saying Target had everything. So I found the nearest Target - have never been to one near my office - and drove over.

Scored on all the 3-3/4" figures and vehicles. Did not buy the Falcon - it's a piece of junk.

Very excited about this movie. Excited about the design of the characters and vehicles.


  1. i really like how the stormtroopers look!

    1. Yep - I like the Rangetroopers and the muddy ones look bad ass as well.

  2. I'm pretty excited for this movie!

    1. Agreed - the more trailers I see and the more times I see them, the more excited I get. I think it will be a fun movie.