Friday, August 3, 2018

Disney Toybox - Marvel's Wasp

On a bit of a Disney roll here. Up next is a part of a new series of action figures from Disney called the Toybox line. They've done some Star Wars and Marvel so far, and also saw some Toy Story figures.

Definitely wanted to grab a Wasp figure. Great character. Great movie. Haven't unpackaged this yet, but will soon. In the meantime, enjoy the animated style sculpting.


  1. I saw this one last weekend. I really like her and Ant-Man with the tiny version of Wasp. I passed on them both because I had, had, had to get Jack Skellington!

    1. Nice! Didn't know they did Nightmare before Christmas.

    2. Me either until I saw him! Looks like he's in the same "wave" as Wasp. I can't wait to see the Wreck-It Ralph figures.