Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gentle Giant Blue Snaggletooth

Gentle Giant Ltd (www.gentlegiantltd.com) has been releasing Jumbo 12 inch reproductions of the vintage Star Wars figures. Their latest exclusive from San Diego Comic Con 2012 was the repro of the rare Sears Blue Snaggletooth. The Blue Snags could only be found in the Sears Cantina set exclusive. Because the toy designers only saw a few photos of snaggletooth (from the chest up), they designed him with a blue outfit and full height. Later on, the shorter Red Snaggletooth was released on a card.

GG celebrates the legendary Blue Snaggletooth with this great 12 inch reproduction. The figure came in a blue bag. Inside, the package was protected with a white slip cover box. Finally, the packaging was reduced in size (the figure never came carded).  On the back, the Celebration VI exclusive Lando Calrissian is previewed.

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