Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Marvel Legends All New X-Men Set

The original X-Men were always one of my favorites. Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Ice Man, Beast and Angel were immortalized in a five figure set by Toybiz back in the late 90s. Of all the obscure figures Marvel Legends has released, I am surprised they didn't do any of the original X-Men up until now. Guess they used the new "All New X-Men" story arc and comic that is currently going on in the Marvel universe.

I have seen some complaints about this set. Mostly that they are using already molded pieces to put this together. Short cuts these days in toys is almost a necessary evil. I would rather have a remolded, repainted piece than none at all.

The packaging is pretty cool as well. Glad Hasbro put this out, regardless of the short cuts.

This is one set I may have to purchase two of,...one for opening, one to keep sealed.

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