Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mega Bloks Call of Duty

I've been building LEGO sets for the last few years - mostly because my daughter is into the LEGO Friends sets. I also grabbed all of the Indiana Jones sets and a few of the Lord of the Rings sets. Recently, I stumbled onto the Mega Bloks Call of Duty sets at Toys R Us, and now Target and Walmart.

Centered around the Call of Duty video games, the sets include packs of figures (Arctic, Desert, SEAL team). smaller vehicles (Snowmobile, Drone Attack) and larger sets (M1 Abrams, HUMMWV, base). It is interesting how the sets are named. Instead of M1 Abrams or Tank, it is named Heavy Armored Outpost. I get the Heavy Armored part, but Outpost implies a stationary setting. A tank is anything but stationary. It is designed for speed and power. Oh well. Must have been some kind of naming issue.

Regardless, the sets are a lot of fun. The packaging is killer. The mini-figures are actually very challenging to put together. Not impossible, but challenging.

Mega Bloks also released a few zombie sets. I've never played Call of Duty so not sure how the zombies fit in, but I am a big fan of the zombie genre and these are a lot of fun.

I was also surprised to see some WWII sets. These weren't advertised anywhere or displayed at Toy Fair. There are four sets - Landing Craft, Halftrack, Howitzer, and figure set.

During the New York City Toy Fair earlier this year, several more military sets and zombie sets were unveiled. From the military sets, I am most excited for the Blackhawk helicopter.

And of course, you can never have too many zombies.

I've only put the snowmobile and SEAL landing craft together and some figure sets. Looking forward to starting that tank soon.

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