Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Latest Addiction - Kickstarter Projects - HACKS, Cthulhu, and Elementals

I had heard of Kickstarter, but never really looked into it. I check out the forums on Rebelscum and CoolToyReview daily and saw two very cool action figure Kickstarter campaigns. Both are already successfully funded so now the goal is to unlock the bonus items.

First is the Vitruvian HACKS project from Boss Fight Studios. This is an awesome set of Greek Mythology figures - very articulated and parts that interchange. It started with 4 figures - Spartan warriors, and Medusa and her snake warriors.

The initial goal was 75K but they are now past 165K and if my math is correct, there are already 17 or 18 figures now unlocked with several more on the way. I'm totally loving the snake warriors in this line.

Help them get to 700 backers to unlock another amazon warrior figure,

The other project is based on HP Lovecraft Cthulhu books. Four awesome figures. The project is fully funded and they have hit goals to unblock some other figures. These are totally retro in style and packaging. For more info and a ton of photos, check out their site.

So if you want some really cool toys and don't want to depend on the big boxes anymore, check these out and support them.

Finally, this project was already successfully funded and finished but there are definitely some great projects to support on Kickstarter.

These are the I-Am-Elemental action figures for girls. I like the style and sculpting and I like what they are doing. My daughter played with Star Wars as much as Disney Princesses and loves LEGO. So would love to see her have a set of these and see how she plays with them.

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  1. Yip, KS has had some great figure projects lately!