Thursday, December 10, 2015

30th Anniversary Star Wars Card Art - Lovin' It

Two things have happened recently that caused this post.

1. The release of the Force Awakens toys from Hasbro and their wonderful card art. I have really enjoyed the packaging art on everything that has been released. While I've been hoping for a more vintage feel - The Force Awakens had to distinguish itself, and so far it has.

2. The second thing was trying to consolidate my collections in storage. I found a large box with a ton of 30th Anniversary and Saga Legends action figures. I had removed the collectible coins and most of the cards had warped in storage. So I photgraphed them all and then removed the figures, and then took photos of the card art.

Now, obviously, as you remove the blister/bubble, some of the art gets ruined, but I think it is cool to look at anyway.

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