Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Funko Mystery Minis - Supernatural

While picking up some Sci-Fi and Horror Funko Mystery Minis, I got curious about the Supernatural figures. I had never seen the television show - always surfed passed it while checking out channels. But the figures shown had some cool features - angels and demons and freaky things and guys with guns and knives. So I grabbed a couple. They are cool.

Then I went to wikipedia and read about the television show - seemed cool - two brothers who hunt ghosts and demons that come from our urban legends (Windigos and Bloody Mary).

I started watching Season 1 - so far, 7 episodes in, it rocks. The shows been going for 11 seasons - unbelievable! Hopefully that bodes well for future series from Funko.

Sam Winchester

Demon Abbadon





Bloody Dean Winchester Variant

Dean Winchester


  1. lucky! I didn't get Gabriel in my case. Supernatural is my favorite show, I have 10 seasons of it on dvd.

  2. Awesome - just started watching it. I have some binging to do to catch up.