Wednesday, January 27, 2016

ReAction Fifth Element

The Fifth Element was a fantastic movie that was released in 1997. Bruce Willis plays Korben Dallas, ex-special forces, now taxi cab driver in the distant future that looks like a cross between Blade Runner and the 1981 Heavy Metal animated movie. 

Trying to save the Earth and the universe from a mysterious force, Dallas receives the help of a young woman played by Milla Jovovich - who is in fact a savior that can prevent the obliteration of the universe.

Gary Oldman plays Zorg, the baddie, and he steals the show.

Korben Dallas - Bruce Willis

Leelo - Milla Jovovich

Jean Baptist-Emmanuel Zorg - Gary Oldman

Ruby Rod - Chris Tucker - as irritating as Jar Jar Binks - but he grows on you.

Diva Playa Laguna

Mangalore Warrior

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