Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Captain Phasma Collection

OK - so she didn't get much screen time and when she did it was pretty....meh!  But she still looks bad ass and we hope she returns in the next episode with a hell of a lot more story to her.  In the meantime, the Phasma collection grows.

Hasbro 3-3/4"

Hasbro 3-3/4" 5POA Armor Up

Hasbro 12 Inch "Shampoo Bottle" - Toys R Us Exclusive
The detailing is getting much better, getting away from the "Shampoo Bottle" label.

Disney Force Awakens PVC 6-Pack

Black Series 6 Inch

Hot Wheels

18 Inch JAKKS Pacific

Hallmark Cubeez 

Hallmark Christmas Ornament

Disney Store - Disney Elite - Die Cast 6 Inch

Disney Elite vs Hasbro Black Series


  1. heh, i pretty much have the same collection. the phasma sculpt from the disney store 6 pack figurine set might be my favorite of the bunch. looking forward to the kotobukiya artfx+ version in a couple of months..

  2. Hey Danny - yeah - that 6 Pack is pretty cool. Hope they come out with some more. I'll have to check out the ARTFX one. Didn't realize they were doing that.