Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Funko Walking Dead Mystery Minis Series 4

I LOVE these Walking Dead minifigs. I LOVE them even more now that McFarlane decided they aren't doing 5 inch figures anymore. These Funko figs have a wide variety of characters and hopefully they are selling enough to generate more series and more figures in the future.

Series 4 includes Constable Rick and Michonne, Beth, Sasha, Tara, Morgan, Masked Morgan, Bob, Noah, and the 4th Version of Daryl Dixon plus a second motorcycle.

Hot Topic also has a Terminus Rick with red machete. Well played Funko.

The baddies include Wolf, fire covered Walker, barb wire covered Walker, and water soaked Walker.

Outstanding all around. Hopefully Series 5 includes Negan and Jesus.



Constable Michonne



Wolf Walker

Hot Topic Exclusive Terminus Rick with Red Machete

Bob Stookey


Water Soaked Walker

Masked Morgan

Fire Covered Walker

Barb Wire Wrapped Walker

Constable Rick

Daryl Dixon (#4)

Daryl's Motorcycle (2nd Version)

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