Friday, June 10, 2016

Super Articulated (SA) Black Series Star Wars - Han, Leia, Phasma

There was quite the controversey over the lack of articulation when The Force Awakens toys were launched. With a focus on 5POA, only Walmart dipped their toe in the SA pool. I would say it was poorly planned because their first wave was all repacks of older figures. No one (well, few people) are going to pay $13 for a repack.

Hasbro and Walmart did finally release some of the main characters with super articulation including Rey, Poe, First Order Stormtroopers and Kylo Wren.

They finally released a set that aren't repeats from the 5POA line. Princess Leia in her blue outfit and Han in his snow jacket from Starkiller base are not released yet for the 5POA line. That makes these valuable additions to the collection. Despite her lack of character building in the movie, Captain Phasma is still awesome, and an SA figure of her is fantastic.

I also finally found Rey so added her to this post.

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