Thursday, June 2, 2016

Cage Free Eggs

Guess who's back...Shady's back!

Well, going all out on April drained my energy in, I got in a procrastinator's slump.

But I'm back.

With that, how about some breakfast? Some eggs maybe? Some cage free eggs?

That's what showed up at toy stores with the six egg Alien LV-426 Cage Free Egg carton this April, probably to celebrate Alien Day (4-26 - get it?).

Anyway, I finally picked up a set of these. Inside are three sealed eggs and three open eggs with face huggers inside. Pure cage-free awesomeness. They'll definitely fit in with most NECA Alien figures.


  1. Glad to see you back online. I was worried for a while there. ;)

    I picked up one of these egg cartons not too long ago and think they're pretty great. I wish Neca would release some prop packs, kind of like what they did with the Predator trophy wall. Their Alien line would be a good fit.

    1. Thanks Brian. The A to Z challenge was fun, but it zapped my energy. Then, all of the sudden the month was gone.

      NECA is releasing an accessory set for Aliens called the Deluxe Creature Pack:

      Now if they make the Sentry Guns, I would be completely satisfied....well, maybe not, you can never have enough NECA Aliens stuff, especially the Marines.