Sunday, October 9, 2016

McFarlane Walking Dead Comic Series 5

Even though the TV series figures seem to have been cancelled, McFarlane finally released this great set of Walking Dead comic figures, to include some new characters, and going back to the early days for some early figures.

A cool part of this line up is the added "head" each figure comes with. The decapitated heads come from the border that Alpha marked with heads of the Alexandria community. You'll see Rosita and Ezekial in that macabre line up.

We finally have a great comic Shane. This figure should also be made for the TV series. Unlikely, but the TV Series 2 Shane was horrible.

We finally have a good Glenn from the comics, and not the Riot Gear figure from Series 2, which was pretty cool, but we need a regular Glenn, and now we have one. He also comes with his "battered" head from the group's first face to face meeting with Negan.

Speaking of Negan, this is post All Out War prison Negan. An interesting story arc for him, especially as he mentors Carl.

Finally, we have Lydia, daughter of Alpha, who came as a comic-con exclusive last year.  Lydia befriends Carl, and I think they have a great storyline that will continue for awhile.


  1. really looking forward to that Lydia

    1. It's a great sculpt and cool character. With the comic-con exclusive Rick and Alpha, there are some good diorama opportunities there.