Tuesday, October 11, 2016

PURE AWESOMENESS - Funko Game of Thrones Wall Playset

So if you saw the awesome Game of Thrones 3-3/4 inch figures from Funko awhile back, then you'll be really happy with this Wall Display playset. This is a nice piece, reminding me of the fantastic early Kenner playsets like Land of the Jawas. The plastic is sturdy and heavy. The attention to detail - with the spears and swords sculpted into the snow shows how much care went into this piece of art. And, it comes with an exclusive Tyrion Lannister with an awesome accessory...you'll see what I'm talking about.

Exclusive Tyrion Lannister figure.

I like the extra diorama images and descriptions on the side panels. We saw a lot of these with vintage Kenner Star Wars sets.

Collect them all!

Plenty of foot peg holes for the attackers to climb the Wall.

Sculpted swords, spears and arrows in the snow. Awesome attention to detail.

Tyrion comes with a goblet. After all, he drinks, and he knows things.

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