Sunday, August 20, 2017

Love 'em or Hate 'em? Price Tags on Vintage Toys?

A topic started on the Rebelscum Forums years ago has resurfaced. The question is - what were your favorite childhood stores and do you like or dislike old price tags/stickers on your vintage items?

Here is the forum: Favorite Childhood Stores and Price Tags

I personally love the stickers. They are part of the history. Many of these stores are out of business. The price harkens back to the day when you felt like you were at least getting your money's worth. I especially like packages that have multiple clearance prices on them. Well, it makes me sad too.

I enjoy looking up the history of the stores on Wikipedia as well. Most are defunct these days.

Anyway - here are a few vintage Star Wars cardbacks I still have today along with some price stickers.

The first few are from the defunct toy store Child World. Loved this place. Wish I had a time machine to browse the aisles again.

This R2 was from Montgomery Ward - big in the Chicago area. Another defunct retailer.

I originally thought this was a Zayre price tag, but I googled it and Ayr-Way was a small retail outlet in malls that was part of the Ayres chain. Zayre is also defunct and Ayres was acquired by Macy's which is having issues of its own.

I can only imagine this was found in an ACE Hardware store. Still around - 5000 stores and going strong even with competition by Home Depot and Lowe's.


Collect all 41!


  1. I like those price tags.They bring back memories,although,seeing those low,low prices on them drives me nuts knowing how much they go for now :)

    1. I know. The prices make me want to cry some times.