Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving - Are You Ready for Some Football?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, where we give thanks to three nationally televised games of NFL football. Just kidding. Thankful for family, health, friends and those who share a love for toys and action figures.  It's a fun community.

Should be some good games today. McFarlane has been making these since 2001. Think this is one franchise of theirs that will last for awhile.

Madden Ultimate Series 2018 - Wave 1


  1. The Madden franchise Is so hugely popular,even today!I still rock out on Madden 98 for my Ps1.As far as McFarlane sports figures go,I stopped collecting them In 2000 I believe and gave most of them away to kids of friends over the years.I still have McGwire,Bonds as well as an NFL Chris Weinke floating around somewhere.

    1. Amazing how long Madden has been around. That's awesome that you have a PS1. And a Weinke!! Wish he would have had a better career. The NFL McFarlanes are something I haven't sold off yet - someday I may just sell off team by team.