Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Ready for Toy Fair? Meh.

Anyone else excited for Toy Fair?

In the past, I would check the net for the dates, and wish that it would come sooner. I would look at all the usual sites for updates and leaks. During Toy Fair, I would refresh my screen constantly for every possible update.

Today? Meh.

Expectations have fallen.

McFarlane Walking Dead is....well, dead.

Star Wars - Always a shroud of secrecy - showing nothing at Toy Fair or SDCC - and then pretty underwhelming, though I still like the figures regardless (3-3/4 and 6).

Marvel Legends - still solid. Almost everything has been leaked already.

NECA Aliens and Predators - likely to get more Predators, no human character figures. Aliens - more aliens - won't ever finish the Colonial Marines.

Toys R Us - filing for bankruptcy.

Not sure what else to even look forward too?

Thoughts? Am I wrong? Is the action figure market near its end?


  1. You are completely right. Its been this way for a couple of years for me now. I have heard rumor that the new micronauts and Visionaries toy lines might debut this year but that is still meh really because I wouldn't be buying them even if they did come out. I am slightly interested to see if there will be any news on the Super7 Masters of the Universe vintage style retail line but Im not holding my breath.

    1. Yep. It's sad really. Also, the cost of toys has gotten to a ridiculous point. While I still buy them, every time I do, I think - is this really worth it?

  2. Considering Toy Fair always denies my application for a press pass I gave up on even trying to bother with it.

    1. That's a bummer. I went about 8 years ago - my neighbor is in the toy industry and he got me a pass as a "helper" for his business. Fascinating experience. Hasbro and LEGO were completely separated so didn't get to see them.