Sunday, February 4, 2018

Super Bowl LII - Patriots vs Eagles

So, it's the Eagles vs the Patriots in this year's Super Bowl. For the Patriots - just another day at the office as they go for their 6th win in the Brady-Belichik era, and their 8th appearance in the same era.

The Eagles put all the pieces in place with a great defense and a fantastic sophomore season by quarterback Carson Wentz.  And then the brutality of the sport reared its ugly head when Wentz blew out his knee.  In comes re-signed backup QB Nick Foles who had a stellar season a few years ago, but then slumped, was traded, spent some time with the Rams and Chiefs, until he arrive back in Philly to be a backup. Now he is starting in the Super Bowl as he led the Eagles through the playoffs.

I am rooting for the Eagles but have great respect for the dynasty the Patriots have built.

With that, here are some old and new photos of current Patriots and Eagles players from McFarlane. There is no shortage of Brady figures. He's been playing for, like, 50 years or something.

3 pack after last year's Super Bowl comeback of epic proportions!

And this is all the Patriots figures I had back in 2012.

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