Friday, February 18, 2011

Custom Aliens Action Figure Cards

I always loved the cards that the vintage Star Wars and Indiana Jones action figures came on. Very happy to see the vintage style return with the new Star Wars figures. I can't stand the card width bubbles you see on most figures now, though that has mostly to do with preventing theft more than anything else. Product packaging can be artwork in itself.

Aliens is one of my favorite movies, so I thought, what if they released 3 3/4" action figures for the Aliens movie on vintage style cards. Here is what I thought they would look like.

Hot Toys released some snap kits of 3 3/4" figures. They didn't come on a card. They came in a 1/6th scale alien egg. The box of 12 included Hicks, Apone, Drake and Ripley. They are very delicate. I broke Hicks into pieces trying to put him together. I put together an alien and used a lot of care, and vaseline, to get the pieces to snap together without breaking them. Wish they would come out with the rest of the Marines.

Ellen Ripley (Advisor)

Newt (Survivor)

Vasquez (Smart Gunner)

Vasquez Card 2 (Smart Gunner)

Spunkmeyer (Dropship Crew Chief)

Van Leuwan (Company Executive) (Peg Warmer)

Hudson (Communications)
Would be great with a voice chip!
"Game Over, Man!"

CPL Hicks

LT Gorman (Platoon Leader)

PVT Frost 1

PVT Frost 2

CPL Ferro (Dropship Pilot)

Drake (Smart Gunner)

CPL Dietrich (Medic)

Private Crowe

Cocooned Woman

Cocooned Burke (Deleted Scene)

Burke (Company Man)

Bishop (Artificial Person)

Ripped in Half Bishop

Gunnery Sergeant Apone


  1. Now this is how the official action figures should look like. But instead we get lots of junk, because the toy lines don't think about older fans who put the unopened toys into display, or because they simply don't have any sense and feel for exciting, movie related package and cardbacks. Shame on Hasbro, Neca or anybody who has the rights and is responsible.

  2. And the same goes for Blade Runner, where simply nothing is produced for fans.