Thursday, February 17, 2011

The first Photo - Normandy Beach

This is the photo that started it all....if you see my very first post, I spent a weekend setting up dioramas and taking photos. It was fun. Then I wondered how I could share the photos and maybe even sell them. Then I turned them into puzzles, and wala, here I am. I finally turned the first inspiration into a puzzle and here it is.

In this photo from left to right is a 21st Century Ultimate Soldier 29th Infantry Division soldier, a Cotswold Collectible Elite Brigade Ranger Captain, and a Hasbro Normandy Ranger exclusive from one of their first Conventions during the late 1990s. The barb wire comes from a Hasbro D-Day diorama set which seems to be very rare. Haven't been able to find another set like it online.

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