Thursday, February 17, 2011

Processed Plastic Planes and Paravipers

Growing up in Chicago, I remember seeing this huge, plastic army cargo plane in the local Jewel grocery stores. I never had an interest in it, but always remember how cool it looked. This plane is a great replica of the C-130 which is still used to drop airborne paratroopers into harm's way.

Flash forward a few years where I thought it would look good sitting behind a group of GI Joe or Cobra paratroopers. These things were huge. Wingspan and fuselage measure over 2 feet.

I looked and looked for a long time on Ebay, searching for Marx, Timmee, Hasbro and Mattel, and nothing.

One day, a lucky search brought up the company that made it...Processed Plastic, headquartered in Chicago. Found the green one! Was wondering how I could change the color scheme to fit in with Cobra. Then I found the black one, which is cool and cool in a different way. It is a replica of an AC-130 Spectral Gunship, complete with the actual howitzer cannons coming out of the side. Score!

I used Microsoft Paint to blot out the US insignia to make it all black in the photo. I ordered this photo as a puzzle and have it in queue to put it together.

Custom photo puzzle ordered at

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  1. Hello there!

    Any interest in selling the Black Eagle? I had one as a child and have been looking everywhere to secure one.