Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gentle Giant Yoda and Sideshow's Yoda Hut

I have been waiting for Gentle Giant to release their 12" vintage style Yoda for awhile now....why? Because the Sideshow Yoda's Hut has been sitting in my garage for almost three years. My daughter was playing with her dollhouse in the basement, I was reading, and she looked over and asked me. "Daddy, when are you going to open the big Yoda Hut?"

I said "why not right now!" Glad we did. That thing is impressive. Heavy, solid, expertly crafted. Lots of accessories...pots and pans, firewood, snakes and other assorted denizens of Dagobah. Also, a battery operated fireplace that glows. 

Some of the interior photos were taken by my daughter. She loved setting it up...even more than her Fisher Price house. She's been trained well in the Star Wars universe.

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