Monday, July 15, 2013

More Michonne and the Walking Dead - the return of playsets?

In the golden age of playsets during the 50s-70s, Marx created some really classic sets: Untouchables, Ben-Hur, Blue and the Gray, and Navarone. While action figures took center stage the last few decades, a growing hobby of playsets continues. Great companies like Conte, Barzso, Armies in Plastic, and Toy Soldiers of San Diego have made some really cool sets.

What is missing? Modern day playsets based on television and movie properties. There was one small foray into licensed movie playsets in the early 2000s...Treehouse Toys came out with the Aliens playset along with blind Swarm packs.

Fast forward to today, where Gentle Giant released brown and green zombies for the Walking Dead. During last year's San Diego comic con, Skybound released 54mm figures of Walking Dead's Michonne and her two pet zombies, including their chains.

This year, at San Diego, Skybound is releasing three more Walking Dead packs...Rick Grimes and zombie, Carl Grimes and zombie, and arch-evil Negan and zombie. Gentle Giant will also have single and two packs of prison zombies from the great WD story arc seen in the comic and the TV show.

Anyway, I just got my hands on the Michonne figure and "figured" I would set her up leading a herd.

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